Butterick jacket 3259 in dark green linen, paired with B6016 in a fine cheesecloth, both from Fabric Corner.

The jacket is interfaced throughout to reduce those inevitable linen wrinkles. I made it without a fastening as I wanted it to be a fairly casual item. I also made this a size larger over the shoulder than I would usually choose and it’s made a huge difference to the fit and comfort level. I played around with the pocket location and ended up combining the styles of the welt pockets to create functional pockets at the waist.

The dress is a tried and tested pattern that I think features 5 times in my wardrobe- it’s a really quick make (thanks past Heather for making good pattern notes) and ideal for warm weather. This fabric choice is very wrinkly, so I top stitched the pleat lines to keep the dress in shape. At some point I will also add a better pocket, as the intended pockets are not really deep enough, which is a real pain point!