It’s our 6th wedding anniversary today, and I’m reminded that I never did sit down and write a blog about my handmade wedding dress- maybe that will be my next post!

It’s been nice to look through the pics this morning and remember the process of making as well as the community effort (friends, neighbours, parents, boss) that went into getting all the beads onto it!

6 years ago I considered myself a fairly accomplished seamstress- I’m lucky to have had a very good technical education in sewing- but I know So much more now about fit and shape and styling than I did then, and there is so much I would change about this dress now.

1. I’m really glad my Mum talked me into having a train and not a fairy length dress BUT I wish I hadn’t bothered with the petticoat because it gave it an odd shape in the skirt.

2. Had I stuck with the petticoat, I wish I had shortened it properly! It shows under the dress in a few pictures and it would have been a relatively easy fix.

3. I spent hours and hours chopping up bits of lace and attaching beads and then sewing them back on to the dress- I wish I’d just stitched the beads straight on and been less fussy about having them in exactly the same place on every flower- and maybe included different coloured beads too- in the end you couldn’t really see them on the photos.

5. Honestly, the fit is not that great. I adapted a 1960s pattern of my Grandma’s and ended up taking the whole dress in about 3” at the waist on the Wednesday before the Friday wedding.

if I made it again now I would probably add more structure into the bodice and fit it closer to the body- but I’m still glad I didn’t go strapless.

6. The little jacket, made about a week before the big day because of a shocking, and ultimately inaccurate, weather forecast, was a stroke of genius. The fit is lovely but I wish I had had more time to bead it- but that’s what you get when you make a wedding dress by hand in 6 weeks!

In reality, of course, I wouldn’t change a thing. We had the most wonderful day; and a very happy 6 years since. Hopefully many more to come!